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5 People To Listen To About Software Performance

05 Aug 2016 by David Beck on [LinkedIn] / [Feed]

Have you noticed the performance gap in software? Some people are busy saturating 10Gb, 40Gb or even 100Gb network links, sending out tens or hundreds of millions of messages per second on a single computer. The other end is claiming the high performance of their system when handling ten thousands of requests on similar machines. At the same time, some people’s headache is tail latency in the range of nanoseconds while others are fighting seconds. Billion times difference. Yes, I know these numbers are coming from different domains, but it also shows how many opportunities there are for optimizing software.

There are fantastic blog posts, talks and materials which help level up, but it often means changing your mindset. I am writing this post because I hope the software industry come closer by listening to the right people. What follows is not a top list, only pointers.


Gil Tene

This is a very inspiring talk about measuring latency. Highly recommended. Gil’s blog is also a great resource.

Tyler Treat

Tyler runs the Brave New Geek blog. One of my favourites is this post.

Martin Thompson

Martin has an excellent series of talks at InfoQ. Very entertaining, very informative and full of gems. He also posts here at the mechanical sympathy blog.

Brendan D. Gregg

Brendan has lots of contributions about performance. His blog is full of useful information, and there are references to his other materials, books, talks and software.

Michael R. Dunlavey

He is on Stack Overflow as Mike Dunlavey and sent many useful responses about performance.

He also has an interesting paper here.